Doraji tea | Roots tea | Good for Bronchus

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Doraji tea | Roots tea | Good for Bronchus

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This tea is famous in Korean tea market as a good health. Doraji tea is good for Bronchus, Cancer, Immune system, Blood vessel, ?Antipyretic, blood sugar level, Hangover cures. In addition, ?this one also has a good taste, so many people love to drink it at the Korea.

  • Traditional Korean tea
  • Korean roast Doraji 100%
  • Pyramid tea bag 30g
  • Made by Chaye?Town
  • HACCP system

Product Description

What is the Tea of Korea?

We always offer great quality tea which is from South Korea. We have all kind of Korean teas and try to give you good experience and taste. Each tea has their own story and taste. I hope that you can make your own feeling with these teas.

Why do we have to drink Doraji?tea?

Especially, this tea is very good for bronchus, so if you have?weak bronchus and cough frequently, you could try to drink several days. Not the cure but it will be very helpful.


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