Five best tourist attractions in South Korea

Bordered by China in the northwest and Russia in the northeast, the Korean empire can be divided into two distinct states: North Korea and South Korea. Surrounded by a river, Korea is a beautiful place to visit at least once in your lifetime.

From huge mountain peaks to serene villages, South Korea has everything to offer to a person who travels there. As much as you will enjoy the large buildings and busy life of the capital city of Seoul, the calmness of village life will make you fall in love with it. So what makes South Korea a great tourist’s attraction? Here are the places you wouldn’t want to miss on your travel:


  1. Gyeongju

A coastal city of South Korea, Gyeongju has a lot to offer the tourists in the cultural and historical background. It was once considered to be the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sill and it remains treasures can be found in the Gyeongju National Museum today. The beautifully constructed  Bulguk-sa Temple, amazing Anapji pond, and full grass-covered burial mounds of Tumuli park are few of the places to visit in Gyeongju.


  1. Seoul

Of course, you cannot miss the capital city Seoul on your travel. With a rich historical background, this modern city has a lot to offer. From tall building to amazing shopping malls, this place is a tourist’s paradise. It has amazing restraints with delicious food, cultural landmarks, and fun parks. Seoul never sleeps and don’t forget to party hard all night when you visit the capital city of South Korea.


  1. Seoraksan national Park

This park was designated as the biosphere protection site by UNESCO has become a famous tourist attraction. It has some wonderful rock formations, old temples that date back to the Silla kingdom, hot springs to enjoy and a variety of wildlife. Stretching over an area of 400,000 km, every corner of this park has its own beauty and that’s why it is a must visit the place.


  1. Jeju Island

Planning to get lost in an adventurous stay at an island? Jeju Island should be your next stop when you travel to South Korea. With its own traditional dresses, heritage, folk village and museum the Jeju Island has also botanical gardens, sandy beaches and lava caves that add to its beauty and attraction.


  1. Ggotji beach

Located four kilometers in the southwest of Korea’s Anmyeon-eup, this beach is a great place to visit with your partner. Enjoy the sunset from the grandma and grandpa rocks and walk down the beach hand in hand with each other. You can enjoy some alone time, go for a drive or simply enjoy the scenic beauty from the rocks when you visit this beach next time.

As a result, South Korea has a lot of wonderful places that you should tick on your checklist next time you plan to travel there. The rich cultural heritage and traditions make this country one of the most colorful places in the world that you should visit before you die.